Als Kissen: Im Arm eines Bären

Nie wieder ohne Bär ins Bett. Bei Firebox als Grizzly- oder auch Pandabär.

Are those long and lonely nights getting a bit much? We’re right there with you buddy. You’re in good need of a long hard spoon and yet you can’t remember the last time you felt the warm embrace of a another.

Bear Hug Pillows are your new special someone. They’re ridiculously comfortable, gloriously squishy, you don’t have to talk to them and you still have a squishy face to sit on.

These snuggly creatures are gagging to give you a squeeze. Indulge in their snug embrace. The arms of these perfect cuddly companions feature super flexible innards – meaning you can coil these grizzly’s limbs right around you – making for maximum comfort.

45cm(W) x 38cm(H) x 20.5cm(D)



(via Laughing Squid)

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  1. Ronny 3. Februar 2016 at 14:49  zitieren  antworten

    dArkless dUbz,

    Ähm… Bitte was?

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