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Der Mann, der Kornkreise ins Watt malt

Tony Plant malt bei Ebbe mit einem Laubbesen Muster ins Watt, die optisch sehr an Kornkreise erinnern. Fast scheint es, als würde er ohne jegliche Hilfsmittel perfekte Kreise ziehen. Sehr sehr beeindruckend, das ganze. Schon alleine deshalb, weil das natürlich verdammt vergänglich ist.

Tony Plant is an Artist like no other. What you see here is just a small cherry on a cake to the Artwork Tony has done over the years. It was during the making of this film i realised the depth to Tonys Artistic talents as he explained to me that in one of the shots there was a pole he had painted red over 6 years ago. He saw the Pole was rotting and the texture of the dyeing grain represented the veins of life decaying away. By painting them Red the Veins stood out. It would only be the Passer by with open Eyes and mind that would see the Pole and see its future within its surroundings….The intention wasn’t to Look at the pole. But to stop, and see the beauty we are surrounded by…. Shot in the beautiful setting of Park Head, Near Bedruthen steps on the north coast of Cornwall.


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  1. Andre27. Januar 2013 um 18:01

    Wunderschön. Steh ja auf die Gezeiten.

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