Ein täglicher Orgasmus schützt vor Prostata-Krebs

(Grafik: Wikimedia, via BoingBoing)

Laut dieser Studie schützt ein täglicher Orgasmus Männer vor Prostata-Krebs. Wo dieser Orgasmus dann genau herkommt, scheint dabei keine Rolle zu spielen. Also nur mal so – fürs Protokoll.

The study data showed that the participants who ejaculated more than 21 times a month were at a 22 per cent lower risk of getting the disease. As for how men achieved ejaculation, it is not a requirement to have a sex partner. Whether it be sexual intercourse, nocturnal emission, or masturbation, all are beneficial.

Aus einem Interview mit Dr. Jennifer Rider von der Harvard Medical School, der die Studie durchgeführt hat:

The current study is the largest prospective study to date on ejaculation frequency and prostate cancer. It includes 18 years of follow up of almost 32,000 healthy men, 3839 of whom later were diagnosed with prostate cancer. We asked men about their average monthly frequency of ejaculation between the ages of 20-29, 40-49, and in the year prior to the questionnaire (1991). We find that frequency of ejaculation throughout life course is inversely associated with risk of prostate cancer at all three of these time points. For instance, men who have an average monthly ejaculation frequency of 21 or more times/moth at ages 40-49 have a statistically significant 22% reduction in risk of developing prostate cancer compared to men with a frequency of 4-7 times/month, adjusting for multiple dietary and lifestyle factors, and prostate cancer screening history.

Wissta bescheid!

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