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Der estnische Erfinder Mihkel Joala hat einen Prototypen eines Graffiti-Roboters entwickelt und diesen erfolgreich auf einem Schornstein in Tartu, Estland, getestet, wo er ein 30m großes Wandgemälde gemalt hat.

To test his prototype, Joala’s start-up company, Sprayprinter, painted a mural in Tartu, Estonia, on the chimney of a local heat supply company, one of the city’s tallest structures. Joala and his colleagues fixed the printer’s prototype to vertical and horizontal cords. A computer connected to the printer then sent coordinates to the printer telling it where to spray-paint, and in which color. This was done using a design from fellow Estonian artist Maari Soekov.

Roughly 14 hours and 30 cans of spray-paint later, the team created a vibrant, 98-foot mural of a girl holding a tree in her hands. Joala said he wanted to send an environmental message with this work, championing renewable energy.

„The main message in this artwork is that we need more plants and fewer chimneys,“ he said.

Joala also hopes to break the record for the world’s biggest mural using this little robot as his medium.

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