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Moog Pinball


Seit gestern Abend geht dieser Moog Flipper rum und ich habe, in der Annahme, dass das Dingen nicht echt sei, gerade mal ein wenig danach gesucht. Die Idee nämlich finde ich ziemlich geil, wenn man dabei das Flippern mit dem Sound eines Moog irgendwie verbinden könnte. Offenbar sah das auch schon vor mir einer so und postete schon im Jahr 2012 ins Moog Music Forum seine Idee eines Moog Pinballs.

Ok, I have an idea.
Previously I mentioned that I thought it would be neat to make a Moog pinball machine.
However while I do have experience in restoring pinballs, I simply don’t have the money.
Enter Kickstarter, the crowd-sourcing site for interesting projects.

If I went ahead and proposed to do a Moog pinball via Kickstarter, how much money do you think it would take?
I could find a used pinball machine no problem on ebay for $500-$2000.
I’d paint the sides, but get pros to do the back glass and playing field.
The sensors and targets could trigger actual analog synth circuits and sampled analog sounds.
The pinball could then be loaned to Moog for use at Namm shows, Moogfests and perhaps finally reside at the Bob Moog museum.

Any thoughts? Ideas for what could be on the backglass or playing field?
Sound like a viable project that people would back?

Money would go to:

1. A pinball machine
2. Artwork
3. Software
4. New rings, rubber, targets, balls, glass and other pinball parts
5. Custom electronic design and parts including electronic sound circuits
6. Musician(s) to write music played
7. Insurance
8. Initial transportation/shipping of the target machine
9. Various supplies and services to make this idea a reality

Donators would receive their name in the display credits of the machine (if possible), but at least included in printed copy about the machine.

Internally, the sound circuits would be completely Moog.
Moogerfooger circuit boards, vintage synth boards and samples of Moog synthesizers and music performed on Moogs.

Offenbar wurde daraus dann aber doch nichts und so bleibt heute nur noch das Bild von damals übrig. Vielleicht aber nimmt ja dadurch irgendwer diese Idee noch ein mal auf.
(via Tanith)

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  1. haywood jablome11. Februar 2016 um 19:21

    + sound system – den original moog muss man ja auch irgendwo anschließen, wo’s klingt.

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