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Future Astronauts Podcast #036

Für alle ist heute Freitag, für mich der letzte Tag vom Urlaub. Ich werde den am See verbringen und mir ein bisschen Musik dafür einpacken. Diesen wirklich fantastischen, deepen, atmosphärischen, bassgeladenen Downbeat-Mix aus der Future Astronauts Podcast-Serie zum Beispiel.


lienetic – Forlorn
Holy Flare – Tears Of Light
Copycatt – Mother
Jan Amit – Sleep To Awake
Glo x Haven – I’m Sorry
Frameworks – A New Sun
SORA & SAKIMA – Recess
DasKidmo – Smile
Ben Beal – Bellefair (Prod. sinh)
Nude x Manast – Sunset In Tha Vices (Ft. Jeune Faune)
euIV – x5
wush – moon
Francesco Berta – Waves (ft. Anne Van Den Hoogen)
Spheria – A Day By The Sea Without Her

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Eine ferrofluide Uhr

Vergesst Lavalampen, ich hätte vielleicht gerne gerade genau diese Uhr.


Ferrolic was designed from a strong fascination for the magical material Ferro Fluid. The natural dynamics of this fluid makes that this display bridges the gap between everyday digital screens and tangible reality.

Because the fluid behaves in a unpredictable way, it is possible to give the bodies perceived in the Ferrolic display a strong reference to living creatures. It is this lively hood that enables Ferrolic to show a meaning-full narrative like for instance having the creatures play tag. In addition the natural flow of the material, it can be used to form recognisable shapes and characters. Ferrolic uses these both layers in paralel in order to display scenes and transitions in an poetic, almost dance like, choregraphed way.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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