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Street Art Spanien: The Grooves of the City

Street Art in Spanien, die sich einen Scheiß um den Jugendwahn schert und ähm… Größe beweist.

Hot off his massive installation at England’s TATE MODERN and his general huge-scale bombing of London, French photographer and street artist JR has just completed his latest epic project, “Los Surcos de la Ciudad” (“The Grooves of the City”) in Spain. Seeking to tell the tale of the ancient Spanish Mediterranean port city of Cartagena in the region of Murcia through the faces of its oldest residents, the 25-year-old artist spent three days photographing the city’s elders and then transferring the giant-sized portraits onto the city’s walls both new and old and in various states of decomposition. Completed in time for the city’s 14th annual The Sea Music Festival, the grand narrative project helps reaffirm JR’s assertion that “the facades and walls with all their cracks and grooves can tell the story of a city” and so too can its inhabitants.


(via kox)

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  1. feinstaub24. Juli 2008 at 11:04

    coole sache…und fantastico link…
    sagtest du nicht was von Fassade..?
    Da fällt uns doch bestimmt was ein…

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