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Schlagwort: Animation Short

Animation Short: The Inksect

In a distopian world where books are banned and fossil fuels completely consumed, the ruling corporations confiscated all the books to burn them and generate energy. However, in New York City there is an underground group of ex scientists, writers and artists who remember the books and risk their lives to find and save them from being destroyed. They are are known as The Inksect, and this is the story of how Pikes, one of them, ends up finding something even more important than the books: paper and a pen.


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Animation Short: Dust Buddies

Wollmäuse haben es auch nicht leicht, aber an die denkt ja kaum einer.

A story about the friendship between two dust bunnies, Fuzz and Lint, who live peacefully under a couch. When an evil maid comes to clean the house and sucks Fuzz into her vacuum, Lint must overcome his fears and set out to rescue his friend.

(Direktlink, via Netaroma)

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Life without Stuff

Das will ja auch keiner.

In a world where seemingly mundane objects mysteriously vanish without warning, Life Without Stuff highlights (with astonishing scientific accuracy) what life would be like without stuff.


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Ein alter Benz dreht durch: Auto Nom

Solch einen Benz kaufte mein Vater nach dem Fall der Mauer für damals 2000,- DM. Die Kiste war ein altes Taxi und ersetzte den ni­gel­na­gel­neuen Trabbi, den er nach Jahren des Wartens ein halbes Jahr vorher für 14.000,- Ostmark gekauft hatte, aber darum soll es hier nicht gehen, denn:

Oh hello lovely machine, emancipating yourself from function… You look adorable, you know? Yes dear, you were built to be autonomous, it said so in the campaign brief.
No rush – getting from A to B was never an exciting idea to begin with, for your kind. Dance yourself clean, pull your metal frame apart and let the sun burn through your circuits. Ride your autobiography, guided by the beauty of your code.
Fresh freedom smells like common place, and „authenticity“ like a frivolous illusion of your makers. So your character was designed to be self-organizing: a beautiful homage to the combined effort of all of those minds that built you – considering your appearance being a quite sloppy imitation of life.

Aber auch gut.


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I think I love you

Die Liebe. In all ihren Farben.

„It’s about different ways of love. We all love people and are loved by others in various personal ways. Maybe we like it or maybe we don’t like it. But love is a whole thing, we are only pieces. It’s about suffering, growth and change. After embracing all, you’ll find it a beautiful peaceful thing.“


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