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Schlagwort: Copenhagen

Mann will mit 1000 Joints ins Taxi – und steigt in Polizeiauto

(Foto: ExtensivelyReviewedCC BY 2.0)

Scheißtag für einen Joint-Verkäufer in Kopenhagens autonomen Stadtteil Christiana: dort stieg jener Mann mit tausend Joints in der Tasche in ein Taxi. Dachte er, denn er verwechselte die Karre mit einem Polizeiauto, in dem man sich über das „Missgeschick“ gefreut haben dürfte.

„Last night a cannabis dealer from Christiania who wanted to get home quickly got into a taxi,“ the police said in a statement earlier this week.

„He received a big surprise when he realised it was actually a police car he was sitting in.

„The police officers were happy to see him, since he was carrying around 1,000 joints.“

Cannabis is illegal in Denmark, with dealing and possession both considered criminal offences by the authorities.

(via Misha)

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