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Zwei Faultier-Babies beim Karotten knabbern

Zwei Waisenkinder beim Möhrchen futtern. Hach.

„Volunteers from Jaguar Rescu Center in Costa Rica took care of orphans baby sloths. Every day they took them to the forest, feed them and encouraged them to climb the trees. Although this afternoon was lazy, two baby orphan sloths Crayito and Pierre prefered to eat then to climb.

A friend of the owners of the Center found Pierre, a two-toed sloth in a hotel Cahuita and brough him to the Center. The mom was looked for but never found. He came when he was almost few months old, now he is about 8 moths old.
Krayito a two-toed sloth was found craying on the road. His mom was probably killed by a car. When he arrived at the center he couldn’t stop crying for a week, that’s why Encar, the owner of Jaguar Rescu Center called him Crayito.“

(Direktlink, via Arbroath)

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