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Funkelnde Kugeln aus Farbe und Glitzer explodieren und vereinen sich


Neues und wieder sehr schönes Augenzuckervideo von Rus Khasanov, den ich samt seiner experimentellen Farbkunstwerke hier schon des Öfteren mal hatte.

A couple of months later, as a result of experiments with various ingredients, I found an easy and stable way for the paint balls to be attracted to each other, merged and not burst. When you master the technique, you can already playfully turn the flaws into advantages: now in the bursting paint ball I see not a nightmare, but a bright colorful explosion which reminds me of fireworks.
Also in this video, the bokeh effect plays a major role. Some people reproach me that my work is not sharp, and that I shoot with a small depth of field, but I never saw this as a problem, but on the contrary, I see this as beauty.

(Direktlink, via Colossal)

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Farben auf Haut in makro

Herrlich buntes Video von Rus Khasanov, der alle möglichen Farben auf Haut in makro aufgenommen hat. Dafür hat er vier Monate gebraucht.

I was fascinated by the view of the paint flowing down the skin. Under the macro lens it looks like satellite images where the folds of the skin looks as a riverbed along which multicolored paints flow.
I poured metallic and fluorescent paint on the hands, lips and nipples.


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Eye candy: Beyond the horizon

Neues und wieder schön hypnotisierendes Video von Rus Khasanov.

As with all my art projects, in «beyond the horizon» I used simple materials to create a new visual experiment.
Behind this project there are dozens of shooting days, during which hundreds of gigabytes of photos and videos were filmed with Sony a7RII and Sony a7RIV. There were 5 final versions of this video, which I reworked adding new footage again and again.
While working on this project, I was faced with the constant following of the ideal shot, which is so close and distinct, but constantly disappears beyond the horizon.


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Tanzende, knallbunte Flüssigkeiten in makro

Ich hatte hier schon öfter mal Videos von verschiedenen Flüssigkeiten, die in all ihrer Farbenpracht vermischt und dabei gefilmt wurden. Öle, Wasser, Seifen und jede Menge Farbstoffe ergeben immer wieder neue optische Konstellationen, die nur selten choreografierbar sind. Immer wieder schön. Ich mag das immer noch sehr.

Der russische Grafik-Designer und Filmemacher Ruslan Khasanov hebt das hiermit auf ein neues Level, in dem er seine Fluids zur Musik synchronisiert. Dazu Makros davon in 4k. Wunderschön.

(Direktlink, via TCP)

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