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Analoger, handgemachter EFX-Porno

Ich stehe auf so’n Shice. Echt jetzt!

„Gallolizer is an unique effects processing unit and totally handmade, inspired by Krautrock, New wave and Early Techno music. It combines analog and digital effects with an old-school management. Designed for the search of Industrial and Techno-Dub sounds,getting lo-fi real echoes, metallic sounds and new textures for drum machines, synthesizers or tradicional instruments. Perfect for live acts and more dark meetings in the studio.
Contains two different analog distortions, the clone of Ampeg Scrambler with the original transistors, and a FuzzFace germanium transistors.
A Bit Crusher of Arduino with a low-pass filter, a digital delay circuit with a lo fi sound that simulates a real analog echoes and a digital reverb.“

(Direktlink, via Create Digital Music)

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