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Schlagwort: Atmot

Atmoteka 88 – ASIP

Ryan aka A Strangely Isolated Place mit dem aktuellen Drum & Bass Mix für die Leute von Atmoteka. Liquid, atmosphärisch und dennoch schön nach vorne. Genauso wie ich das mag.

„Thank you to Atmoteka for inviting me to contribute to the series. I haven’t put together a 100% focused DnB mix before, so it was a fun undertaking. There are plenty more knowledgeable people than me in the DnB genre (many of you listeners no doubt), so I didn’t try to overthink the tracks that went into it too much – whether they were underground, brand new, well-known, classics or not. Instead, I picked tracks that I love through and through for many different reasons, and did my best to work them into a narrative. It became more of a „mixtape“ in style with chapters, ups and downs, layering, and a few small loops or edits.“

Unknown – Videobox | Death Is Not The End
Background & Sangam – 90’s Living | Lobster Theremin
Special Request – E3LS1 | Self released
Antonello Teora – La Cura (Thugwidow remix) | Blizzard Audio Club
Adam F – Aromatherapy | F-Jams
Marc Atmost – The Dnieper River | Energostatic
PFM – The Mystics | Good Looking Records
Aural Imbalance – Europa | Advection Music
CFCF – Closed Space | BGM Solutions
Ethereal 77 – Somnambulism | Basedaddy
PFM – One & Only | Good Looking Records
Wardown – Rapture | Blu Mar Ten Music
Illuvia – Nirmala II | A Strangely Isolated Place
Sophia Loizou – Order of Elements | Kathexis
Special Request – Quiet Storm | Self-released
Commix – Japanese Electronics | Metalheadz
Aphex Twin – Lichen (1136 remix) | no label
Aphex Twin – Lichen | Warp
Unknown – Dedications | Death Is Not The End

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