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Schlagwort: Baseball

Wie aus alten Baseballschlägern Essstäbchen werden

Hyogoo Uratani produziert mit seiner Firma Hyozaemon Essstäbchen aus alten, ausgedienten Baseballschlägern. Das Geld aus dem Verkauf wird für die Wiederaufforstung von Aodamo-Bäumen gespendet, aus denen viele professionelle Baseballschläger hergestellt werden.

What happens after baseball season is through? Hyogoo Uratani isn’t letting the broken bats go to waste—he’s turning them into chopsticks at his manufacturing company, Hyozaemon. One broken bat can yield four or five sets of chopsticks, and money from their sale is donated to pay for the reforestation of aodamo trees. Bats made out of the strong, lightweight wood from aodamo trees are becoming rare as the supply of these trees is being depleted. By recycling the bats, Uratani is helping to replenish a precious natural resource and making it possible for future generations of players to swing for the fences.


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