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Schlagwort: Bears

Grizzlybären, die Haushaltsgegenstände auf Haltbarkeit prüfen

In Montana leben Grizzlybären, die jede Menge Haushaltsgegenstände auf ihr Haltbarkeit testen. Wenn die Bären nicht in der Lage sind, in einer Stunde in eine Kühlbox oder einen Mülleimer einzubrechen, erhalten diese ein Grizzly-Gütesiegel.

In Montana, the most dedicated product testers in the industry get ready to work every day. They problem solve, put their hairy, hairy backs into it and get the job done. Never mind that they’re 600-pound grizzly bears. When bears become habituated to human food, they are often considered dangerous and are either killed or put into captivity. So to keep both bears and people safe, the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center in Montana uses large grizzlies to test bear-resistant products. If the bears are unable to break into a cooler or trashcan in one hour, they get the grizzly seal of approval. If not, the bears get a much deserved lunch break.


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