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Schlagwort: Cats

Bussard will an Kätzchen

Krasse Aufnahme. Schätze, ohne Scheibe wäre das Kätzchen nicht mehr da.

I was parked in McDonald’s parking lot in LOS ANGELES (Ladera Heights) drinking my coffee and this giant hawk came from nowhere and landed on my windshield. It’s saw my baby kitten from who knows how far away, tried to atrack it through glass and wouldn’t leave even as i drove away through the strip mall. Someone at the home depot nearby saw it on my hood as I was driving it around the strip mall said it was a pigeon hawk but i confirmed its actually a Red Tailed Hawk.


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Das lauteste Katzenschnurren der Welt

Die 14-jährige Katze Bella hat das offiziell lauteste Katzenschnurren, das je gemessen wurde und es mit diesem jetzt ins Guinness-Buch der Weltrekorde geschafft.

Bella . . . achieved a purr measuring 54.6 decibels, equivalent to the volume of a boiling kettle.

Her feat was captured by an official adjudicator and an acoustic engineer who blocked out all external noise.

Nicole Spink, Bella’s owner, said she „couldn’t be more thrilled“.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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