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Schlagwort: Flames


Die Quali ist leider nicht die beste, aber so ein bisschen Chemie auf dem Abend kann auch leicht verschwommen nicht schaden.

For this experiment, we will need different metal salts that will paint flames in different colors. The first ingredient, one that you can find in your kitchen, is cooking salt. It will paint the flame in yellow color.
The next one is lithium chloride which I pour in the first cup. It will paint the flame in red carmine color.
Then, I pour strontium chloride. Next substance is boric acid. After is bluestone. Then I pour barium chloride. Next goes lead nitrate, and in the end – potassium chloride.
To achieve the best result of transferring the color during combustion I use methanol as a fuel. I’m pouring a small amount of methanol into each of the cups. Next, I set fire to methanol. Once the flames break out, we get a fire rainbow. Lithium chloride paints flame in such a rich carmine red color.


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