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Schlagwort: Heiko Wommelsdorf

Klangerzeugung durch Röhrenfernseher

(Foto: Heiko Wommelsdorf)

Heiko Wommelsdorf hat alte Röhrenfernseher eingesammelt und erzeugt mit diesen jetzt Klang. Nicht ganz unkomplex, aber offenbar sehr gut durchdacht, schafft er über Magnetfelder Sounds, die hörbar und auch auch durchaus melodiös sind. Find ich geil.

In this sound video installation, Heiko Wommelsdorf turns old, discarded tube TVs into instruments and composes a piece for eyes and ears. This arrangement focuses on the experience of a musical composition in a three-dimensional space, which gains in intensity and dramaturgy through the exclusion of further light and sound.

The different images generate magnetic fields in the devices which, depending on the composition of the picture, produce different levels of noise. Through long experimentation, Wommelsdorf created a system with which he composed a piece using the new „instruments“. The precisely calculated sequence of various images truly creates a melody.




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