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Schlagwort: Home Office

Sozial distanziertes Büro, das auf einem Floß im East River in NYC schwimmt

Dürfte für den Winter etwas frisch sein, aber wenn man genug Decken und Jacken einpackt, spart man sich immerhin das Durchlüften. Ich denke, ich könnte so arbeiten.

For our latest mission, we created New York’s most socially distanced office in the middle of the East River. The floating office included a water cooler, a battery-powered computer with working internet, and a variety of contemporary office furniture. Workers were transported to the office by a shuttle boat at Brooklyn’s Main Street Park.

The workspace included breathtaking views of the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan skyline, providing the ultimate Zoom background. New Yorkers on land and sea were surprised and delighted by the sight of this extreme work from home measure. This unauthorized project was a collaboration with Tideland Institute.

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