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Um die Temperaturen in der Stadt zu senken, streichen sie in Los Angeles Straßen weiß

Da kommt gänzlich der Farbfreund in mir durch: Um die Temperaturen in der Innenstadt von Los Angeles zu senken, überziehen sie einige Straßen und bald auch Dächer mit einem weißen reflektierenden Material, um so „Hitzeinseln“ runterzukühlen. Verdammt kreative Idee, die in ihrer Umsetzung dann von oben auch noch verdammt gut aussieht.

Last spring, the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services tested a new, creative approach to combat the rising temperatures in the city center. The pilot project covered one neighborhood street in each of the LA’s 15 council districts with CoolSeal, a more reflective asphalt-based coating developed by California-based company GuardTop. After seeing a difference of 11-13 degrees Fahrenheit on the coated streets, Los Angeles and other cities plan on implementing more reflective roofs and pavements to reduce the side effects of „heat islands.“


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Zu verkaufen: ein Rundgang durch Johnny Depps Penthouse in Los Angeles

Wer gerade zufällig auf der Suche nach einem Penthouse in Los Angeles ist; Johnny Depp veräußert da gerade eins. Kosten: $13 Millionen. Jetzt nicht ganz billig, aber schick ist’s schon.

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„Atop the landmark Eastern Columbia Building—Los Angeles’s most architecturally significant residential high-rise centrally located in DTLA’s historic core district—is this iconic collection of five multi-floor penthouses now for sale by actor, producer, musician and real estate investor Johnny Depp.

Soon after the Art Deco building was modernized in 2007 by The KOR Group, Killefer Flammang Architects and Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler, Depp purchased what would be his first of five penthouses, acquiring the rest of the wing over the course of the next decade. These highly coveted residences not only add to his roster of worldly unique properties including a 37 acre estate in France and a private island in the Bahamas—but serve as a testament to his thirst for travel and dedicated pursuit of architecturally-rich properties.“

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Ein Flughafen-Parkplatz in LA, der zu einem improvisierten Dorf von Fluggesellschaftsmitarbeitern geworden ist

Auf einem Parkplatz in der Nähe vom Los Angeles International Airport haben sich dutzende Mitarbeiter von Fluggesellschaften in Wohnmobilen so was wie ein kleines Dorf geschaffen. Piloten, Flugbegleiter und Mechaniker leben dort in einem eigentlich so nicht angedachten Wohnmobil-Park. Urbanism in Vans.

Hier die Story dazu in der New York Times.

Taking a back-road shortcut to catch a flight from Los Angeles two years ago, I passed an obscure airline employee parking lot — and was surprised to see over 70 motor homes. It looked like there was an entire community planted right there in the parking lot of the airport. I wondered, who lived there — and why?

I learned that this community was an employee parking lot turned motor-home park made up of pilots, flight attendants and mechanics. And I became fascinated by why and how the residents — people who may have flown us across the country, or walked us through emergency landing procedures — came to inhabit such an unusual place.


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Rutsche aus Glas in 300 Metern Höhe

Über den Dächern von Los Angeles haben sie mit der Skyslide in 300 Metern Höhe eine Rutsche aus Glas an einen Wolkenkratzer gebaut. Diese ist 13 Meter lang und verbindet den 70. mit dem 69. Stockwerk des Hochhauses. Ein mal rutschen geht ab $19.00. Das Glas hat eine Stärke von 3,175 Zentimeter. Nope.

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Der Tower Records Store in Los Angeles, 1971

10 Minuten unkommentierte Schallplatten-Nostalgie. Aufnahmen aus dem Tower Records Store auf dem Sunset Boulevard von 1971.

This color film captures one of Tower Records flagship stores, located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. Tower Records was founded in 1960 in Sacramento and became an international business before closing in 2006. The record store helped revolutionize the music industry. The film was made by Sacramento City College professor Darrell Forney and shows customers shopping in the store in the evening.

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