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Schlagwort: Need a Name

„Need a Name“ Ambient Shoegaze Tribute Mix

Ein Tribute Mix von Ambient Musical Genre an Need a Name, der sich mittlerweile Chasing Dreams nennt. Name gefunden, wie mir scheint. Riesenguter Mix, der hier schon den halben Tag im Repeat-Mode läuft.


00:00 Mosaik – Icarus (Need a Name Remix)
05:26 Need a Name – All You Searched For
09:49 Rhian Sheehan – Places Between (Need a Name Remix)
15:26 Need a Name – The Wait
19:40 Need a Name – Everything Is Moving, But Not The Sky
23:14 Need a Name – Are You There?
27:40 Need a Name – Road to Berlin
32:32 Need a Name – Sadness will be an old memory
37:00 Exist Strategy – Tomorrow will be better, I promise (Need a Name Remix)
41:20 Need a Name – White Truffle
46:01 Sun Glitters – Insane (Need a Name Remix)
49:45 Need a Name – Touch
56:06 Need a Name – Goodbye

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