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Stand Here for Dance Party

Improv Everywhere in NYC:

For our latest mission, we placed a decal (designed in the style of the ubiquitous social distancing circles) that read “stand here for dance party” on the ground in Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan. When unsuspecting New Yorkers and tourists followed instructions and stood on the decal, they soon found themselves surrounded by a 100-person dance party featuring a professional b-boy dance crew and a vintage 1980s boombox.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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Radikales Gärtnern in New York City

Mir gefällt der Begriff „urban gardening“ ja besser als das hier verwendete „radical gardening“, aber ich muss drüber schmunzeln, denn wenn etwas radikal ist, ohne dass auch nur irgendwer was dagegen haben kann, dann ja wohl das Gärtnern. Vox war mal da und hat sich das genauer angesehen.

New York City looked a lot different in the 1960s and 1970s. A sharp economic decline and white flight meant there was mass disinvestment and urban decay, particularly in the city’s lower-income neighborhoods. It’s what Hattie Carthan and Liz Christy noticed in their communities when they each set out to revive their neighborhoods by making them greener. Ultimately, their radical acts of gardening would transform the landscape across New York City.


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Über ein kleines Restaurant in NYC während der Pandemie

Kein spektakulärer aber nahegehender Kurzfilm über die Betreiber des „Spicy Village„, eines kleinen chinesischen Restaurants in New York City während der Pandemie, das als Beispiel für so einige Gastronomen im letzten Jahr stehen dürfte.

The restaurant’s owner, Wendy Li, runs the cult favorite with her husband and two children; they’ve earned accolades from the likes of celebrity chefs, the Village Voice, and the Michelin Guide. Before the pandemic, the line went out the door virtually every night. … Spicy Village’s future is under threat. They desperately need a show of support from New York’s noodle-lovers.

(Direktlink, via Laughing Squid)

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Als Kurier aufm Fixie durch New York

Ich fahre ja viel Rad gerne schnell und leider häufig durch die Innenstadt, aber ich hänge zu sehr an meinem Leben, als dass ich das so tun würde wie Cooper Ray, der als Fahrradkurier aufm Fixie ohne Bremsen in New York unterwegs ist.

Also the bike Cooper is riding is a track bike made for racing at a velodrome, it is a fixed gear bike with no brakes and no freewheel. Which means the rear wheel drives the pedals, so as long as the bike is moving the pedals are turning.

To all those who think this form of riding is reckless and dangerous, I agree, but that does not change the fact people all over the world ride like this every day, Terry just wanted to say “everyone crashes from time to time, even with brakes, we believe staying focused and aware of your surroundings is the best way to stay safe and having no brakes forces you to be in the present. These videos aren’t made to encourage bad cycling, so please ride at your own risk and skill level.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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Währenddessen in New York

Der Performance Künstler Jonothon Lyons ist zur Zeit im Kostüm der legendären Pizza-Ratte in New York unterwegs. Nicht mehr, nicht weniger.

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