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Schlagwort: Passports

Passport Index

Der Passport Index listet die Pässe aus 199 Ländern der Welt und zeigt, dass man sich international trotz verschiedener Farben auf eine gemeinsame Optik einigen konnte.

However, not all passports are equal. The Passport Index ranks them from most powerful (United Arab Emirates) to least (Afghanistan). The determining factor is the Mobility Score, which is based on the number of countries you can enter with the least visa hassles.

Und weiter:

„Blue passports often symbolize the ’new world,‘ free markets and the ocean. Red covers tend to be associated with Communist countries or Christian history, while green is often the color of choice among Muslim countries because it has religious significance.“
„As the rarest color, black tends to symbolize local culture or politics and, on a practical level, hides wear and tear.“

(via Core77)

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