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Low Light Mix zum Piano Day 2023

Dave von Low Light Mixes hat anlässlich des heutigen Piano Days einen Mix gewebt, der – Überraschung – einzig und allein aus ambienten Piano Tunes besteht. Ich lass den mal hier, während er durchläuft.

International Piano Day is March 29th and, as has been the case for the last five years, I’ve put together a new mix in celebration of ambient piano tunes. I don’t do quite as many piano mixes as I once did but when I create these Piano Day sets I find I really enjoy the vibe.

There are a lot of new tracks in the mix, half of them from 2022 & 2023. But there are a few older tunes as well. I really like how this one turned out. I hope you enjoy the latest Piano Day excursion.

00:00 daniel.mp3 – green to blue (2022)
02:45 Hania Rani – The Beach(From I Never Cry) (Music for Film and Theatre 2021)
05:14 Ryuichi Sakamoto – 20211130 (12 2023)
10:02 h hunt – 11e (playing piano for dad 2016)
12:49 Arin Aksberg – In Memory (It Flows Between U 2023)
16:47 Olafur Arnalds – Still, Sound (A Sunrise Session 2021)
20:42 ANNA – Receiving(Jon Hopkins piano version) (2023)
25:15 Hania Rani – Whale’s Song (Inner Symphonies 2021)
29:42 Ryuichi Sakamoto – 20211201 (12 2023)
34:37 Library Tapes – Safe Haven (Dusk 2021)
36:41 Bing and Ruth – We Are on the Side of Angels (Tomorrow Was The Golden Age 2014)
42:53 Milieu – Antique Sunlight (Smokebuilder’s Woodshop 2008)
47:56 Nebel Lang – Past All Unknowing (Directions For Stopping 2022)
52:43 Lorenz Weber – as time goes by (only the wind 2022)
56:10 Purple Decades – Forest (Journey Test 2023)
59:10 end

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Nils Frahms Playlist zum Piano Day 2018

Seit einigen Jahren wird jährlich am 29. März der Piano Day zelebriert. Weltweit spielen verschiedenste Künstler Konzerte und veröffentlichen Musik zu Ehren des Klaviers. Seit jeher natürlich mit dabei: Nils Frahm. Der hat in diesem Jahr diese Playlist zusammengestellt, von der ich mich jetzt ins Osterfest tragen.

(Direktlink, via Johannes)

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Piano Day: Nils Frahm veröffentlicht Album für umme

Vor ein paar Tagen hat der uns allen liebste Klavierspieler Nils Frahm den 29.03. zum Piano Day erklärt. Dieser ist heute und heute gibt es ein neues Album von Nils Frahm. so/o heißt es und kann hier sowohl als Mp3 als auch als Wave for free geladen werden. Zusätzlich kann man sich auch die CD oder das Vinyl bestellen. Besser kann ein Sonntag nicht klingen.

My album –solo– can be downloaded in any desired format and can be listened to for free. For those who like the real thing, there is a vinyl and all other kinds of round discs available (sorry, these are not for free). It would be appreciated if you get this thing on vinyl, simply because it’s very nice looking and sounding! Anyways, this is all part of a fundraising enterprise for a very special piano project. So please read on for a bit …


Das aber ist nicht alles, was diesen Sonntag zum Piano Day macht. Es geht auch darum Geld für den Bau eines Instrumentes zu sammeln: das Klavins M450. Dafür werden 120.000 Euro benötigt, weshalb ich das Album gleich noch mal auf iTunes kaufen werde. Gespendet darf auch werden.

If we meet our goal, piano builder David Klavins can fulfill his lifelong dream and build the Klavins M450.

Our friend David Klavins isn’t out for profit on this one. As he is only driven by hearing his invention himself, he simply wants materials and labor to be covered. I will donate all income generated with –solo– until the financial means are achieved. Building the Klavins M450 will take about two years and we are confident that we will organise a festival around this incredible invention on Piano Day 2017 here in Berlin.

My new record – solo – was recorded on the prototype of the instrument under discussion. Although being a slightly smaller version with 3.7 meters in height, the Klavins M370 is already tremendous and gigantic sounding. But listen for yourself and see if the sound is worth the effort. I have, of course, no doubt it is. If you also feel that the world is in need for an instrument like this, please feel free to donate by buying the record or by donating online. It is much appreciated and everyone who donates or signs up to the newsletter will receive infrequent updates on the building of this unique instrument. Now I have two years to organise a room to place it in and make it accessible to as many ears and hands as possible …

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