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Schlagwort: Red Panda

Einen roten Panda streicheln

Wer würde da schon nein sagen?

Mohan, who is one of three Red Panda Cubs born at Symbio Wildlife Park, has created a frenzy of cuteness across the internet this morning, as footage of him losing it over belly tickles and being affectionate with Zoo Keeper Beth Sticker was released onto the Zoos Facebook Page.

Along with brothers Raja and Phingu, the trio were born on Christmas Eve and Mohan especially is certainly starting show his personality, which is abundant with super cute antics and love.

Now at 5 months old, each day at feeding time when their favourite human rings the dinner bell, they will all come a running, with Mohan proving he loves affection just as much as his belly being full.

(Direktlink, via Netaroma)

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