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Schlagwort: Rubber Chicken

Rubber Chicken Bong, die beim Ziehen quietscht

Okay, vielleicht ist das Rubber Chicken Ding mit dieser Bong, die quiekt, wenn man an ihr zieht, endgültig durchgespielt.

Wait WTF?
I mean, yeah, pretty much.

Why did you make this?
We made one out of a dog toy and a carrot one day and our whole team lost their minds over it. So we did it for real.

Is it…legit?
You bet. It’s a custom-molded silicone-body bong with a glass bowl and downstem. The squeaker is the same type used in standard squeaky chickens.

So it really squeaks?
Hell yeah, on every rip. Want one?

(via BoingBoing)

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