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Schlagwort: Sandur

Eine Sanduhr

Ich war die Tage etwas faul und bin gerade dabei, hier einige Tabs zu schließen, die ich eigentlich nicht schließen wollte, bevor ich sie hier drin habe. So wie diese Sanduhr, „inspired by Zen Gardens“.

Within a spacetime continuum, time is perceived as the fourth dimension. The past the present and the future is a whole. Ripples of Time, allow natural materials to be shaped by time, reminding us of its presence.The installation consists of two complimentary clocks; Sand and Water. Sand, inspired by Zen Gardens, is the gradual formation and flattening of a ripple pattern over a period of twelve hour cycles. Water, on the other hand, tells the ephemeral time through concentric circles in the form of endless waves that ripple by the second.It is the landscapes and the cycles found in nature, that both the projects represents.

(Direktlink, via this isn’t happiness)

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