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Schlagwort: Soap Box

Doku über das Seifenkistenrennen des San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Duct Tape and Dreams

Das Seifenkistenrennen des San Francisco Museum of Modern Art fand nach 1975 und 1978 im letzten Jahr erneut statt. Dutzende Bastler fuhren dort in ihren kreativen Seifenkisten bergabwärts. Für „Duct Tape and Dreams“ wurden sie dabei begleitet.

Produced in collaboration with Stink Studios, „Duct Tape and Dreams“ captures the essence of SFMOMA’s first artist Soapbox Derby in more than forty years: the creativity, collaboration, and exuberance of everyone who participated — and, of course, all that exciting downhill action!

(Direktlink, via Nag on the Lake)

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Nebel in einer Seifenblase und ein schwebender Kreisel

Dustin Skye macht interessante Experimente mit einem schwebenden Kreisel.

Taking it to the next badass level. This is a Levitron. It’s a top that floats due to magnetism and gyroscopic stability. The wooden base contains a large ring shaped magnet that repels the top which is a small ring shaped magnet. The spinning top creates a gyroscopic effect that prevents it from flipping over in the large magnets field. The tray and hoop are items I made. The fog comes from an electronic cigarette (E-cig) that I modified to create fog with pure glycerin. I’ve installed a line to the tray with which I add a small amount of propane to the bubble dome. The top falls shortly after I light the bubble dome on fire because it’s made of neodymium. Neodymium magnets produce weaker magnetic fields as they are warmed up and stronger magnetic fields as they cool down.

(Direktlink, via RBN)

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