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Schlagwort: Taiwan

Eis am Stiel aus Abwasser

Ohne Aroma, dafür mit all dem Dreck, den der Mensch so ins Wasser bekommt. Drei Studenten an der National Taiwan University of Arts, sammelten Abwasser in ganz Taiwan und machten daraus quasi Eis am Stiel für ihr Projekt mit dem Titel „Polluted Water Popsicles„.

Hung and her teammates visited 100 locations across Taiwan to collect waste. They then placed the samples—complete with dirt, bugs, and trash—into a freezer, turning them into popsicles. In order to preserve them, they encased the popsicles in a polyester resin.

Hung tells Quartz she hopes the project will raise awareness about water pollution. Her team chose to use popsicles as a motif because they are translucent and because popsicles typically look appealing to the eye. “Such pretty popsicles, would you still want to eat them?” she asks.

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