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Schlagwort: Tumbleweed

Tumbleweeds „überfallen“ Stadt in Kalifornien

Bilder wie aus einem Horrorfilm der 70er Jahre. Tumbleweeds machen sich über Victorville her, einer Stadt in Kalifornien, deren Einwohner ob dessen 911 wählten.

“We’re not exactly sure how many homes are affected, but we’re estimating about 100 to 150 homes in that area,“ a Victorville spokesman told the Victorville Daily Press. “The primary goal is to clear the front of the houses, to remove the tumbleweeds in order to allow residents safe access to their homes…With the winds as strong as they are, as soon as they clear certain areas, more tumbleweeds are blowing right back in.” Not surprisingly, crews had to work overtime into the night to get rid of these thorny invaders.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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