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Derweil in Japan

Das Nashorn-Ausbruchs-Manöver.

As the paper rhino, manoevered by two people inside it, slowly plodded through the park and tried to make a break for freedom, staff and police joined forces to deal with the ‚threat‘.
Keepers were even attacked by the life-sized model forcing zoo staff to push the rhino away with sticks in order to rescue their colleagues.
Although visitors were rushed away from the animal’s path, many stayed to watch the drama unfold as the fake animal meandered through the park.
Eventually, keepers surrounded the paper beast with a net, before tranquillising and capturing it, allowing the two staff inside the rhino to return to their normal duties.
The drills are held every year at various zoos around Tokyo in preparation for animal break-outs in the wake of potential disasters such as earthquakes.

(Direktlink, via TDW)

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  1. tomp10. Februar 2012 at 14:17

    Fake!! Echte Nashörner helfen beim Netz drüberziehen.. :D

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