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Ein Kurzfilm, gedreht in Beelitz-Heilstätten: Alter Ego

Der Filmemacher Rusch Meyer hat sich für diesen Kurzfilm in und von der alten Lungenheilklinik in Beelitz-Heilstätten inspirieren lassen und dan dort diesen durchaus sehenswerten Kurzfilm gedreht.

Director RUSCH MEYER was inspired by a visit to an old disused sanatorium while scouting potential locations for his next project. Exploring the long, dark, rotting corridors, the decaying rooms, he found himself pondering on the contrasts of tragedy and hope which must inevitably have coexisted in such a place, journeys taken inside the mind which may never have been physically possible, parallel lives lived in the imaginations of the people who worked or were admitted as patients in the building, escaping in their own way the drudgery and despair of their environment.
RUSCH MEYER says “I could sense the history of the place as I walked around – so many stories of disease, death, but also of hope and recovery. I started to imagine the different mental states inside a person who might have worked or been a patient here. The idea for the film grew from these thoughts, a journey between the subconscious and the superego!“


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