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Mashup: This Is America x Call Me Maybe

Wenn so ein Mashup bisher ganz unberührte Ebenen besteigt. Und wie es passt. Offenbar besser als der Macher angenommen hatte. Das Dingen zieht seit gestern so richtig seine viralen Kreise. Der für dieses Mashup verantwortliche LOTI schreibt dazu:

I just want to make this clear, my intentions weren’t to be disrespectful to the message of the song. There’s some very messed up things going on in America right now, racism wise. There’s no denying it. This is just a shitpost that spiraled out of control. I made it in 30 minutes and posted it to have a laugh with my friends. It’s not meant to offend, but for laughter. The original video for TIA caused a great conversation, and still is. But most of the energy surrounding it is negative. I wasn’t purposefully to be ignorant to the climate we’re in, but i think the fact that so many people of all races are enjoying this is something to look at.

(Direktlink, via Sascha)

3 Kommentare

  1. Michael Jänichen13. Mai 2018 at 19:21

    Die Ironie.
    Wie dieser Mashup doch Glovers Intentionen perfekt wiederspiegeln.

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