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Murmelbahn mit Gummibändern

Neue Murmelinstallation von Kaplamino, der diesmal einige Gummibänder mit verbaut haut, was dem Spaß keinerlei Abbruch tut. Im Gegenteil.

I built and filmed this machine in only one week (40 fails). The rubber bands in the last video gave me the inspiration to do more with those.

It is shorter than usual because I preferred to do few impressive tricks and focus on quality and how well it looked rather than complexity or length. Also because tricks with rubber bands are unpredictable and unreliable.

As you saw I learned from my mistakes and put the most sensitive part at the beginning with the sliding trampoline, so that the vibrations of other tricks can’t trigger it too soon

The most complicated trick was the stack marble effect at 0:10.


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