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DIY: Aus Stahldraht eine Murmelbahn machen

Eines dieser wenigen Videos, das man ansieht und am Ende feststellt, dass man nicht mal die Idee hatte, nach vorne zu skippen.

Daniel de Bruin misst und biegt und klebt und lötet sich darin eine ziemlich geschmeidige Murmelbahn aus Draht zusammen. Ich mag das.

After my first how to make a marble machine video and the many questions I got from you, I decided to make the ultimate instruction guide on how to make a marble machine!
A perfect way to spend your time during corona quarantine.


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Eine neue Murmelmaschine, die Musik spielt

Vor drei Jahren hat Martin Molin von Wintergatan eine von ihm konzipierte und gebaute Murmelmaschine vorgestellt, die Musik spielt und hat damit so ziemlich alles abgerissen, was man im Netz so abreißen kann. Jetzt hat Molin eine neue Musik machende Murmelmaschine gebaut. Und die klingt fast noch besser als das drei Jahre alte Original. Beeindruckend ist die Idee und die Umsetzung allemal.

The Marble Conveyer Belt is Completed and it delivers Perfectly.
– lifts 8 marbles per crank turn.
– thanks to it being driven by ratchets and pistons, it makes a short halt to load and unload the marbles, on exactly the same spot every time.
– The pistons are connected to the crank shaft with a 2:1 gear reduction which means that the conveyer belt go in time with the music, and in half time. I can even use the mechanical sounds from the ratchets and the marbles climbing the fish stair to create parts of the beats.
– I only had one kick drum channel up and running so the kick drum plays on 2-4 like a snare normally would. Sounds a little strange but I just made this piece of music to demonstrate the concepts are working. (no music you hear in the videos are going to be used for the album, its quick and dirty functional pieces for the videos only)
– Its been a journey but we are now on our way. Again.
– the throw of the pistons s 40mm, the pitch of the chain is 15,875×2 mm, an imperial value, and it happens to be exactly twice the marble diameter. All this makes it possible to lift exactly one row of marbles per crank turn. The ratchets move 40 mm but only grabs onto the chain to move it exactly 31,75mm per crank turn.


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MarbleLympics 2019: Opening Ceremony & E1 Underwater Race

Die Quali für die MarbleLympics 2019 liegt schon eine Weile zurück, jetzt geht es endlich um finale Entscheidungen. Aber erstmal die Opening Ceremony.

Welcome to the 2019 MarbleLympics! The MarbleLympics is a series where teams of marbles compete in their own Olympic Games. This video includes the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 season, along with the first event, Underwater Marble Race.


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Kleine blaue Murmel als Anstoß zu Allem: Blue marble 2

Ich liebe diesen Shice wirklich sehr: Kaplamino hat nach seinem „Blue Marble“-Video zu Beginn diesen Jahres jetzt nachgelegt und „Blue Marble 2“ gebaut. Nicht weniger aufwendig, nicht weniger geil. Großartig! Mindestens.

„The trick at 0:23 caused the majority of the fails. It had to be exactly in the right position and it was moving because of the vibrations of the trick above. The air canon with the balloon was a big challenge to make. The rubber band squeezes the balloon around the straw to release the air in a specific direction. Then the hardest part was to find how to stop the air and deliver it when I want. It was too difficult to put something like tape at the end of the straw because it was either too clingy or not enough. The solution was to twist the balloon around the straw and block it in this position with a rope. In this position the air stays in the balloon until it untwists. I explain it because I think what exactly happened it’s not easy to get when you see the video. After this I built a timing catapult trick. I know I’m crazy because timing tricks are so unreliable, it was mostly based on luck but worked 80% of the time. It was so sensitive, just a little more dust or some hair on my table could make it fail so I had to clean it for almost every take. Yep I used a fidget spinner again, I’m proud of this one, nice and almost never failed. The big catapult was supposed to be a trick with fire (the plan was to build something with elements: fire, air and water). The marble was supposed to go up because of the explosion of a firecracker :p But it was too risky, I know it can work (it worked 2 times) but with MASSIVE luck. It’s impossible to predict how they’ll explode. And it caused lots of others problems. The marble was burned and it wasn’t rolling really well after that. The shockwave can trigger other tricks and finally the debris from the explosions was falling all over the place and could block the marble at a later stage. It also burned the table and hurt my ears. So I gave up, but maybe you’ll find this trick in a screenlink later ;) About the water trick. Release the water was really easy, but it took me weeks to figure out what to do with it. You can’t push something with it, not enough force … So I taped a folded paper and when the water touched it, it got wet and unfold because of the weight :D But the marble also touches the water and gets wet. After that you can see that it moves slowly. So the final trick had to be VERY sensitive. Why do I always put the most sensitive trick at the end?“

(Direktlink, via Maik)

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