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Roboter baut IKEA Stuhl zusammen

Wenn sich das durchsetzt, der Roboter dann auch größere Möbel zusammenbauen kann und man die Dinger mieten kann, könnte sich das durchaus positiv auf die Scheidungsstatistiken auswirken.

Ambidex is a two-armed robot created by Naver Labs and it’s learning how to assemble an IKEA chair. A haptic feedback device controlled by a human acts as a medium between the robot and the human, teaching the robot how to perform tasks similar to how we do. Naver Labs hopes to expand the haptic device’s capabilities in the future and has even gotten it to play a game of table tennis.

(via Neatorama)

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Sisyphus – A Robotic Art Installation

Sisyphus is an art installation featuring two robots engaged in endless cyclic interaction. Smaller robots build brick arches, whilst a giant robot pushes them down. This robotic system propels a narrative of construction and deconstruction.

Named after a figure in Greek mythology, who is condemned to push a boulder up a hill every day only to watch it roll back down afterwards. Sisyphus is a commentary on the current socio-political climate, where systems of authority and resistance continuously clash against each other. Repetition is explored in this piece through the interaction of two contrasting robotic systems; one small and nimble, the other powerful and oppressive – the Greek Sisyphus representing either or both of them.

(Direktlink, via Designboom)

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