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Schlagwort: Woodworking

Laura Kampf baut einen Phonoschrank

Laura hat mal wieder Platten-Content in der Pipe und baut einen doch sehr hübschen Phonoschrank. Und das zu feinsten Beats.

I have been thinking about building a record player cabinet for years now but I never had a good idea for the design. This week it finally came to me. This is the perfect combination of Storage, Flip Through Display, Functionality and Design!
This is one of my favorite builds ever-I hope you like it just as much!

(Direktlink, via Johannes)

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Nussbar für Hörnchen

Duke Harmon hat eine Bar gebastelt, in der sich die geneigten Hörnchen an sieben verschiedenen Nussarten ausprobieren können. Das nenne ich mal Service.

Building a squirrel bar is traditionally done looking like a box. I wanted to do something different. I took on the challenge to design this and carve all my pieces needed using the x-carve by inventables. V-carve was the program I designed it in. I cleaned up the pieces using a round over router bit and sand paper. Other than that.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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