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8,5 GB Samplematerial unter CC-Lizenz

Wer auf der Suche nach immer wieder neuen Samples ist, sollte mal bei wiki.laptop.org vorbeischauen. Dort gibt es unter anderem 8,5(!) Gigabyte Sound Effects, Loops, Grooves, Drums, Voices and Instruments. For free! Und unter CC-Lizens. Na wenn das mal nix ist.

This huge and continuously expanding collection of new and original samples have been donated to Dr. Richard Boulanger @ cSounds.com specifically to support the OLPC developers, students and XO users. They are free and will be available under a CC-BY license for downloading and use in your music and activities. Each of the 6500+ samples is 16-bit, WAV, Mono, normalized to -3dB, and provided at 3 sample rates – 44.1K, 22.5K and 16K.

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