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„Back to the Future“ Filming Locations – 37 Years later

Matthias Schwarzer hat sich 37 Jahre nach der Veröffentlichung von „Back to the Future“ nach Los Angeles begeben, um die damaligen Locations zu besuchen.

There are hundreds and hundreds of Science-Fiction movies out there. But hardly any film has such a cult status as „Back to the Future“. Today it’s time to follow in the footsteps of Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Let’s visit the legendary filming locations of this legendary movie – 37 years later.

A film by Matthias Schwarzer.

▪️ 0:00 – Back to the present
▪️ 1:11 – The Burger King & Doc Brown’s Garage
▪️ 6:34 – Marty McFly’s house
▪️ 10:30 – Doc Brown’s house
▪️ 13:36 – Lorraine’s house
▪️ 18:44 – Twin Pines Mall
▪️ 24:37 – Hill Valley High School
▪️ 26:59 – Lyon Estates 1955

(Direktlink, via The Awesomer)

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