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Blumen-Zeitraffer in 4K: Bloom Dance

Drei Minuten floraler Schönheiten, die in Zeitraffer wackeln, sich öffnen, sich ausdehnen und verwelken. Voll schön und in bester Qualität. Ganz natürlicher Augenzucker.

“I was filming while I was working, so I spent every day looking at real flowers blooming. It was a very fresh experience for me at the time to see things that I take for granted every day, but I couldn’t recognize them even though they were moving so vividly. In fact, the world that humans can perceive is only very small, and the world is far wider and deeper. It may be that I was able to continue time lapse for two and a half years because I was able to realize such a thing.”

(Direktlink, via The Kid Should See This)

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