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Wie in den 1960ern die Psychedelic Art entstand

Kurz zur Geschichte der Psychedelic Art, zusammengefasst von Vox.

When you picture hippies, you probably picture bell bottoms, long hair, and LSD. You might also think of a very specific graphic design and illustration style, seen on concert posters and album covers: curly, cloudy, barely legible lettering, trippy color combinations, and decorative meandering borders. This style was first conceived in San Francisco by a handful of designers in the late 1960s. Their job? Make posters for bands like The Byrds, the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Steve Miller Band, Jimi Hendrix … all of whom were just getting their start, competing for nightly stage time at venues like the Fillmore and the Avalon.

(Direktlink, via Nag on the lake)

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Baby with a handgun

Großartiges Mural, das Graffiti Artist BiP in San Francisco auf eine ziemlich große Hauswand gebracht hat. Hier gibt es mehr Fotos davon.

my new mural for San Francisco. for the people that want the story of how this image was created—I carried this piece in the back of my head for years. I kept practicing putting an adult expression on a child not really able to nail it, until I understood the image itself was about contrast and internal disagreement. when I made that understanding, I threw my old color studies and rebuilt the painting out of direct contrasts to echo that confliction. so in this image you’ll find: sunlight vs. darkness, real vs. imaginary, infant vs. adult, confusion vs. resolve, innocence vs. guilt, feminine vs. masculine, dangerous vs. toy, fate vs. free choice. and in the handling of the painting. organic vs. inorganic textures, saturated vs. unsaturated colors, and warm vs. cool hues in extremes.

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Unterwasserfotografin entwickelt Software, um auf Unterwasserfotografien das Wasser zu entfernen

Die Headline klingt erst mal schön bescheuert, aber offenbar ergibt die Software-Entwicklung der Unterwasserfotografin Derya Akkaynak tatsächlich Sinn. Sie entfernt den Dunst und den blaugrünen Farbstich von Unterwasserfotografien. Die Ergebnisse sind bemerkenswert – die Farben sind brillant und die Bilder scheinen schärfer zu werden. Sicher alles kein Muss. Wer das nicht mag und auf die Authentizität von Unterwasseraufnahmen steht, muss die Software nicht benutzen. Win-win.

Why do all the pictures you take underwater look blandly blue-green? The answer has to do with how light travels through water. Derya Akkaynak, an oceangoing engineer, has figured out a way to recover the colorful brilliance of the deep.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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Die Erde bei Nacht aus Sicht der ISS

Kurzer Break am Dienstagvormittag – die Woche ist dafür ja schon alt genug.

‚Night Flight‘ has been created using real photos of Earth taken by NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Sit back, relax and meditate on our beautiful home as the lights from across the world shine out into space.

Using software, we have turned this time-lapse photography into a real-time video reconstruction so we see our planet at the speed as it would have appeared from the ISS.

(Direktlink, via FernSehErsatz)

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