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Eher was für die mitlesenden Schachliebhaber. Genau genommen wohl nur für die. Ein paar Nerds haben unter ChessRoots.com mehr als 800 Millionen Schachpartien gesammelt, die Eröffnungszüge und ihre Reaktionen darauf in grafischen Darstellungen zeigen. Dafür liebe ich das Internet.

I decided to play around with processing some PGNs of chess games myself and see what I could make. And after talking about the project with a friend who is less interested in chess, but more interested in web design, we decided to collaborate.

Initially, we were going to process a few thousand games, mostly for personal interest. But pretty soon we came across the whopping 800 million game (as of 2019) Lichess database. This was perfect as it contained a wide range of player abilities and time controls, and had such a large number of games that even after being filtered, the sample size would be large enough to draw conclusions from.

After some work, we were able to process all chess states with at least ~800 games (out of the 800 million game database). Using this threshold allowed us to transform the more than 1TB of Lichess PGN’s into a much more manageable 60GB of chess state data.

(via MeFi)

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