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Im Wald aus Ton einen Schmiedebalg machen

Der Mann von Primitive Technology hat sich ein Schmiedebalg aus Ton gebaut und den anschließend sogar zu einem kleinen Schmiedeofen erweitert. Immer wieder beeindruckend.

Next, I made a rotary fan from two pieces of bark that slot together at right angles to each other to form a simple 4 bladed paddle wheel about 20 cm in diameter and 5 cm tall. The blades of the fan were not angled and were designed only to throw air outwards away from the axle when spun. The rotor of the fan was made by splitting a stick two ways so it formed 4 prongs. The fan was then inserted into the prongs and the end lashed to hold it in place. Spinning the fan rotor back and forth between the palms of the hands fanned the fire. But only some of the wind generated by the fan reached the fire. The rest of it was blowing in other directions, effectively being wasted.
So I built a fan housing from unfired clay to direct the air flow into the fire. This was basically an upturned pot with a hole in the top, a spout coming out of the side. The housing was about 25 cm wide and 8 cm tall. The hole in the top and the spout were both about 6 cm in diameter so that the air coming in roughly equalled the air coming out. The base of the fan rotor sat in a wooden socket placed in the ground to make it spin easier and the top of the rotor protruded from the hole in the top of the housing.


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  1. Wolle Wollekowski30. Juli 2016 at 17:51

    Der Tüp is richtig geil. Hab jetzt schon so viele seiner Videos gesehn, ich glaube ich könnte gut überleben im Busch :D

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