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Ich dachte ja auch immer, dass Jonglieren ist eher was für Entspannungspragmatiker, aber das hier ist nichts für Weichpitties, da gibt es schon mal richtig auf die Mütze. Und das sogar in richtig sportlichem Kontext.

(Ich habe erst mal geguckt, ob es das wirklich gibt. Scheint tatsächlich so.) So was gab es früher nicht!

Combat or gladiator is a game played by jugglers. In its most typical form, a number of players juggle three clubs each, attempting to interfere with other players’ juggling, with the winner being the last to remain juggling three clubs… The basic rules are quite simple: At a signal everyone starts juggling. The last person juggling a full set of clubs wins.
Basic strategies include:
Moving face-to-face with an opponent so the opponent gets confused about which clubs to catch. (Only works on novice players.)
Throwing one club high, and using the time to wave a hand or club in front of an opponent.
Turning around and backing into the opponent’s clubs.
Grabbing an opponent’s club out of the air, and either dropping one of your own clubs, or continuing with four clubs.
Grabbing a ball from one opponent and throwing it at another opponent. (Only when playing with balls)
Hitting an opponent’s club out of the air with one of your own.
Throwing one club high and far away, so it is possible to safely hold the two remaining clubs while running away from an aggressive opponent.
And of course, turning away from all opponents and hoping that they will drop a club before you do.

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  1. c2h5oh19. April 2013 at 14:26

    Irgendwie muss ich dabei an MarioKart denken…

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