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Sundlaugasögur (Swimming Pool Stories)

Der isländische Filmemacher Jón Karl Helgason hat einen Film mit dem Titel Sundlaugasögur (Swimming Pool Stories) über die zentrale Rolle des Schwimmbads im isländischen Leben gedreht. Hier der Trailer. Mehr dazu:

The swimming pool is first and foremost a communal space. „The swimming pool is your second home,“ Helgason says. „You are brought up in the swimming pool.“ There may be only 160, or so, swimming pools in the entire country (which is roughly 305 miles wide by 105 miles long), but every one of them is the essential social hub of a community, large or small.

The swimming pool is a public utility — as critical as the grocery store or the bank. „The British go to the pub, the French go to the cafes — in our culture, you meet in the swimming pool,“ says Helgason. Swimmers come from all walks of life, from farmers to artists to clergymen to celebrities. „You can have 10, 15, 20, 30 people [in the pool] — they’re talking about politics and about their lives.“

(Direktlink, via Kottke)

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    Ach Gott, wie schön…

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