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Mix: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk – Unterwassermusik 4

Superschönes Wochenende gehabt. Bad Sulza, Therme, Liquid Sound zum 25. Endlich mal wieder Unterwassermusik gespielt – und mal wieder bis zum Ende genossen. Sich zum Sound unter Wasser gehen lassen. Mit geschlossenen Augen im Wasser treibend die Orientierung verloren. Weil Musik unter Wasser immer noch so ganz anders funktioniert. Drei Stunden Zeit gehabt, selber dafür sorgen, ohne das selber unter Wasser gehört zu haben. Ich hoffe, die Wasserndennen haben einen guten Film gefahren. Hier mein Soundtrack für sie in der letzten Nacht.

Bisschen Soundscapes, bisschen Ambient, bisschen – huch – liquider Drum & Bass, Bässe, Atmos und ganz viel Liebe für dieses Konzept. Jede Menge Menschen sich im Wasser dazu liebend gesehen haben. Musik gespielt, die genau dazu passen sollte. Hach!


The KLF – Madrugada Eterna
Biosphere – Hyperborea
Desolate – Blessedness
Synkro – Mutual Divide (ft. Indigo)
Loomis – Vestige
Loomis & Jones – The Metal Serpent
Stillhead – Vast Expanse
Terranova – Midnight Melodic (Chase the Blues)
Option Command – Planet dream
Blind Mice – Harbour
S’Hill – Somewhere
Desolate – Astral Ambient
KISNOU x Silencyde – The Awakening
The Notwist – Lichter 1
S’Hill – Dreamer
Jellis – Reverence
Atlas – 100 Day Delay (Azaleh Remix)
S’Hill – Stray
J. Roosevelt – Sandalwood
Saafi Brothers – Free Senses
IRONIXX – More Than Anything
Simplification & Translate – Come Back (Random Movement Remix)
Nightfang – Is This the Way
Orthodox – Moments
Bronski – Think ‚Bout It
Synkro & Indigo – Guidance
Stina Nordenstam – Little Star
ambinate – Beta
Big Mister Doom – Dero
London Grammar – Sights (Tourist Version)
The Micronaut – Smallbig
The Micronaut – Underover
DFRNT – Turning Back
S’Hill – Away
Azaleh – When We Were Together
YouRich – Perspective 
Craset – Forgotten
London Grammar – Strong
Fingalick – The Forest
Stress Assassin – Shopcleaner

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Mix: Acid Pauli – Stille einfügen

Dear Listeners,
It’s been overwhelming how many of you have written and asked for this year’s Fusion set. One person even counted the weight of the tears he had shed every time he came here, and found the set was not online yet. So why did it take so long?

It was a very intense four hour set at the Palapa, and it was a very intense week before that. To go back and revisit those moments required quite a bit of strength, which I didn’t have until now. Obviously the intensity of revisiting those moments at the Palapa had a lot to do with the death of our dear friend Bas Engels.

You might think that I’m loco for saying this, but I know Bas was there with us, celebrating life and death, guiding me through the set and even creating some magic, when my computer froze and I had to restart it, while improvising on a drum machine. Normally the recording would be lost then, but this time it was just there as if nothing had happened. Without him you wouldn’t be able to listen to this now.
I want to thank Bas for the special magic he created on so many occasions. Also I want to thank Eule and his team for their foresight and faith to pull me slightly out of my comfort zone, and into this perfect Sunday morning setting. And, of course, I also want to thank all of you, because
music sounds better with you.

(Direktlink | Danke, Rudi!)

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Kick a dope verse! – LoFactory Presentation

Wahnsinnig guter Mix von dem jungen russischen Label Kick a dope verse. LoFi, Down- und Dopebeats, Jazz. Läuft hier seit ein paar Tagen in Dauerschleife und wartet darauf, an einem Samstag von noch viel mehr Menschen gehört zu werden.

(Direktlink, via Johannes)

1. Leaf Beach – Visions
2. MelloWolf – Dope / Entro//
3. Oka Miles – Miles Ahead
4. snaer. – daily
5. Pawcut – Spin Me Round / Ella Mae
6. DDob – Be Light / Otta
7. tajima hal – Unseen Things
8. Philanthrope & Psalm Trees – Laverne / Moose Dawa
9. Psalm Trees – Live Another Day
10. Iman Magnetic – Peace Of Mind
11. Hentzup – für immer unzufrieden
12. Remulak – New Cone
13. FloFilz – Gelbstich / Wun Two
14. Black Bear Basement – Murmur
15. Ebbe Funk – Luffa
16. Soho – Nature Walks
17. goldenninjah – Jazzy Nights
18. kuranes – triste
19. yeyts. – sprii.
20. Engelwood – Sweet Serenade
21. Damaa – s.low
22. Titus Martinu – Nights
23. Wilczynski – redsunset
24. Hentzup – real talk
25. Spaze Windu – Reality
26. snares – Dinja And Mea
27. Saito & Lester, Nowhere – Ubuntu / ntourage
28. Axian – Moving On
29. Hentzup – raumschiffmusik

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Miras Burning Man-Set 2018

Mira hatte auch in diesem Jahr wieder die Möglichkeit den Mayan Warrior beim Burning Man zu bespielen. Ihr Mittschnitt ist der perfekte Sound für den „kleinen Freitag“.

Once again we had the pleasure to experience one of our favorite DJ’s on the playa, Mira „the queen of Berlin“.

Her unique ability to set the perfect vibe, hypnotizing music addicts of all horizons, have made of Mira an artist unanimously acclaimed and loved unconditionally by an ever growing base of admirers around the world.



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Burials und Kode9s Special Mix für Mary Anne Hobbs

Burial und Kode9 haben einen gemeinsamen Mix für Mary Anne Hobbs Radio Show aufgenommen, die mittlerweile auf BBC Radio 6 Music läuft. Klingt ein wenig quer durchs Beet und alles, was die beiden über die vielen Jahre irgendwie inspiriert haben könnte. Und ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass die beiden irgendwann mal Psytrance auf dem Schirm hatten. Die Chi-A.D. Nummer jedenfalls steht ihr noch irgendwo im Plattenregal – und Eternal Basement sowieso.

(Direktlink, via Johannes)

Burial — Night Bus [HYPERDUB]
Ólafur Arnalds — saman [MERCURY KX]
Burial — Young Death [HYPERDUB]
Lucinda Chua — Somebody Who [SELF RELEASED]
Paleman — Searching [ZEHNIN]

Eternal Basement — Woy
Orca — 4am
Acen — Trip To The Moon 1 & 2
DJ Biz — Losing Track Of Time
RJ — You Are My Destiny
SleepResearch_Facility — Stealth 4
Speedy J — Terre Zippy
Section X — Galaxian
Battle of the Future Buddhas — The Other Way Around
Chi-A.D. — When The Effect Came
DJ Phil — Godz House
Jlin — Annotation
DJ Hank — Be Happy
Fulltono — Baby Je Kajoo
Danny Breaks — Dropping Science Vol 1 (Phillip D Kick Edit)
Scratchclart — Drm Walk
DJ Lag — Gqomwav
SOPHIE — Faceshopping
Kode9 — Sine of the Dub (feat. Daddy Gee) [HYPERDUB]
Massive Attack vs. Burial — Paradise Circus [INHALE GOLD]

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Eva Kaczor & Acid Pauli – Psychedelic Breath at Burning Man 2018

Eva ist die Yoga-Ikone in meiner Filterblase. In diesem Jahr hat sie ihr Konzept des Psychedelic Breath im Sonnenuntergang des Burning Man Festivals in die Wüste gebracht und sich dazu von Acid Pauli musikalisch begleiten lassen. Und das passt offensichtlich ganz wunderbar zusammen.

Friday at sunset, Burning Man 2018, an impressive number of humans gathered with us in front of Bjarke Ingels’ installation THE ORB. Under the guidance of Eva Kaczor and her PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, we shifted into a state of non-ordinary consciousness, experiencing deeply what it means to be human and go beyond.

This is the soundtrack that Acid Pauli created especially for this experience. May it take you into this powerful ritual that many of you opened for new beginnings.

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH is Eva Kaczor’s own mix of dynamic breathing techniques from ancient traditions and contemporary science. It harnesses your power to naturally expand consciousness and to reveal your inner guidance. As a Consciousness Guide, Eva travels the world with it, guiding at music festivals, entrepreneurial conferences and in private sessions to explore your purpose, drawing from her extensive knowledge about the human psyche, body, and spirit.


Ali Kuru – Lost Bedouin (Peter Power Remix)
Marco Tegui – The wizard sails alone
Sven Weisemann – Planetary Nebula
Acid Pauli – Sacado
Woodkid & Nils Frahm – Winter Morning I
Andy Stott – Numb
Colin Stetson And Srah Neufeld – And Still They Move
Ryoji Ikeda – Data.Microhelix
Vera – In The Nook
Curd Duca – Waterphonics
Acid Pauli – World’s End
Ocoeur – Progression
Billy Caso – Alive (Nutia’s Busdriver Remix)
Acid Pauli – NanaN
Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq Nu Dat Deze Dag Voorbij Is
Alex Hoevelmann – Dawn
Console – Lost in Sensation
John Selway – On Time (Arthur Oskan Remix)
Christian Löffler – Core

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Tycho – Waypoint (Burning Man Sunrise Set 2018)

Das fast schon traditionelle Burning Man Sunrise Set des großartigen Tycho, der es dort auch in diesem Jahr wieder durch die Wüste schickte.


Fila Brazillia – A Zed And Two L’s
King Of Woolworths – Bakerloo (Main Titles)
Squarepusher – Iambic 5 Poetry
DJ Krust – Soul In Motion
Aphex Twin – IZ-US
Tycho – Adrift
PFM – One & Only
Art Feynman – Slow Down
Weval – Thinking Of
Glue70 – Til You Say
Com Truise – Flightwave
Melanie De Biasio – Afro Blue
James Holden – 10101
Voyage – Dynamic
Weval – It’ll Be Just Fine
Roman Flügel – 9 Years (DJ Koze Remix)
Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush

<<< Sunrise >>>

Pluko – l o v e
Aleksandir – Yamaha
Chrome Sparks – Moonraker
Kölsch & Tiga – HAL
Bicep – Glue Original Mix
Chrome Sparks – All There Is
Tycho – Awake

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Mit Trommeln und auf Bässen ins Wochenende: audite – Soul Patrol Podcast #02

Audite hatte mit seinem Mix für den letzten Adventskalender eine neue Mix-Serie von sich angekündigt. „Soul Patrol“ sollte die heißen. Jetzt hat er den zweiten Mix der Serie in die Soundwolke geladen und das Ding läuft hier seit drei Tagen im Repeat-Modus.

Drum & Bass Podcast full of soulful vibes – mixed and selected by audite

Fetzt urst ein.


01: Skeptical – Violet (Exit)
02: Ignore – Lability (Sinuous)
03: Kid Drama ft. Alia Fresco – Wasted Time (Exit)
04: Om Unit ft. DJ Krust – Underground Cinema (Cosmic Bridge)
05: Eastcolors – Watching Seagulls (Demand)
06: Naibu – Red Hand (Horizons)
07: Tokyo Prose – Innate Motion (The North Quarter)
08: GLXY & DRS – These Lights (Shogun)
09: London Elektricity – Vapour Trails (LSB Remix) (Hospital)
10: Camo & Krooked – Tagtraum (GLXY, Satl & Malaky Remix) (RAM)
11: SATL – Everything Anything (Integral)
12: Unknown – Hey Now (Fokuz)
13: Blu Mar Ten ft Robert Manos – Keep It Together (Calibre Remix) (Blu Mar Ten)
14: Monty – Escape Your Smile (Vandal)
15: Need For Mirrors – Chapel (Getahead)
16: The Green Man – Infinity 3000 (Dread)
17: LSB – Walking Blues (Soul:R)
18: S.P.Y. – Grey Days (Hospital)
19: Halogenix – Bitter (Critical)
20: Halogenix – Silver Sword (1985)
21: Exept ft Joanna Syze – Stronger (Methlab)
22: Spectrasoul ft Madi Lane – Say What (Midnight Mix) (Ish Chat Music)
23: Monty – Say to Me (Flexout Audio)
24: Naibu – Achille (Horizons)
25: Emperor – Half Makes Whole (Critical)
26: Halogenix – Her Waves VIP (Critical)

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Mix: Dubstrates & Dreamstates

Neuer ambienter und wunderschöner Mix von Low Light, der sich damit den dubbigen Sphären des Ambients widmet, was mir direkt ins Ohr und ins Herzchen geht. Sehr schönes Ding!

Ambient dub is one of my favorite sub-genres. I’ve done several „dubby & dreamy“ mixes over the years. I have found that these ambient dub mixes work well as stargazing companions. So the timing for this one is good as the Perseid meteor shower is at it’s peak. This mix follows that same dubby/dreamy mode that I love.


00:00 Halftribe – Balm
03:13 Docetism – One Forest
06:55 Segue – Vapour Trails
09:55 Pan American – Double Rail
13:39 Hannu Karjalainen – Love Unconditional
17:00 Martin Goodwin – Fifty
19:45 Radius – Always Dreaming
24:25 Dub Surgeon – Crazy Dub
26:10 Yagya – Very Long Daydream
28:30 Lars Leonhard – Circular
32:10 Lee Gamble – Helicopter
33:30 Ohrwert – Sonometric
40:00 SVLBRD – Vessel
45:00 Snufmumriko – Eterspar
50:15 Fluxion – Moving On
54:20 Joergmueller – DFM #8
59:15 Mokira – Untitled #6
62:20 Gray Acres – A Beauty Not Theirs
65:55 Purl & Hivetribe – Airwaves

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