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70 Zebrafinken spielen E-Gitarren

Im Montreal Museum of Fine Arts hat man im Jahr 2015 eine Gitarreninstallation aufgebaut, die 70 Zebrafinken dazu animieren wollte, auf E- und Bassgitarren Sound zu machen – und das hat geklappt. Ich mag diese Idee sehr.

A living musical exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will set 70 zebra finches loose in an aviary, and the only perches are the strings of 14 electric guitars and bass guitars.

When the birds land, they create music that’s played through amplifiers stationed around the aviary.

French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot calls it living music, inspired by a memory from his childhood.

„Looking through the window, my feeling was that I want to make music from these birds on the wire, and 30 years later I did this,“ he said.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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Ein Boot in Form eines Reisverschlusses „öffnet“ einen Fluss in Tokio: Opening the River

Der japanische Bildhauer und Installationskünstler Yasuhiro Suzuki hat dieses 9 Meter lange Boot in Form eines Reisverschlusses geschaffen, um den Sumida River in Tokio zu „öffnen“. Mega!

Suzuki—who is known for drawing inspiration from everyday objects—first got the idea for the unusual ship design when looking down on Tokyo Bay from an airplane window. He observed ships zipping across the water below, and thought about how they looked as though they were splitting apart the water (just like a zipper splits apart a jacket). He decided to take his vision further by creating a 9-meter-long ship in the shape of a jacket zipper.

Featuring a chrome-colored body, bridge, and puller (the three parts that make up a real zip), the Zip-Fastener Ship looks just like its tiny counterpart. The Sumida River was traditionally the border between the ancient provinces of Musashi and Shimousa, so the zipper ship is a visual reminder of the divide.

(via My Modern Met)

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Interaktive, ikonische Gemälde in einem Museum für Kinder

Der in LA lebende Installationskünstler Neil Mendoza hat im Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh sein neues Werk vorgestellt, mit dem Besucher ganz interaktiv ikonische Gemälde verändern können. Unter anderem kann man sie anstupsen – und das ist toll.

Mechanical Masterpieces is a collection of paintings reimagined for the 21st century. Optimized for short attention spans, it allows viewers to poke, switch, disco, inflate and water paintings to their heart’s content.

(via Designboom)

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Kyklophonon II

Schon geil, womit sich Menschen immer wieder mal die Zeit vertreiben, so wie Michalis Shammas, der mit seinem Kyklophonon II ein Dingens Frequency Pattern Generator gebaut hat, das Melodien spielt.

A neverending project, funded by friends and family and built in Cyprus with the assistance of a more than precious blacksmith, this artifact is an outcome of both ingeniuity and irrational obsession.

Employing a seemingly thorough mechanical precision, yet allowing for the poetic unintentional error,
these sound-generating artifacts carry about the imaginary dimension of the useless machine, their technological existence muddled by their narrative capacities.


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