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Ein Boot in Form eines Reisverschlusses „öffnet“ einen Fluss in Tokio: Opening the River

Der japanische Bildhauer und Installationskünstler Yasuhiro Suzuki hat dieses 9 Meter lange Boot in Form eines Reisverschlusses geschaffen, um den Sumida River in Tokio zu „öffnen“. Mega!

Suzuki—who is known for drawing inspiration from everyday objects—first got the idea for the unusual ship design when looking down on Tokyo Bay from an airplane window. He observed ships zipping across the water below, and thought about how they looked as though they were splitting apart the water (just like a zipper splits apart a jacket). He decided to take his vision further by creating a 9-meter-long ship in the shape of a jacket zipper.

Featuring a chrome-colored body, bridge, and puller (the three parts that make up a real zip), the Zip-Fastener Ship looks just like its tiny counterpart. The Sumida River was traditionally the border between the ancient provinces of Musashi and Shimousa, so the zipper ship is a visual reminder of the divide.

(via My Modern Met)

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  1. Fritz10. November 2020 at 00:51

    Stark, musste gemacht werden. Aber umklappen fürs Reverse-Video is nicht drin? Das wäre doch eigentlich auch ein schönes verbindendes Symbol…

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