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Schlagwort: Löve

Bonobo feat. Rhye – Break Apart

Neues Video von Bonobo mit einem sehr schönen Konzept.

The video is centred around three young couples, in three separate 24-hour periods as they spend an entire day together in one motel room with no phones, televisions, or other distractions. Each comes with their own unique histories, proclivities, and dynamics. We watch their intimate looks, conversations, and touches – juxtaposing their subjective passions with the indifferent transient space of a single motel room.


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I think I love you

Die Liebe. In all ihren Farben.

„It’s about different ways of love. We all love people and are loved by others in various personal ways. Maybe we like it or maybe we don’t like it. But love is a whole thing, we are only pieces. It’s about suffering, growth and change. After embracing all, you’ll find it a beautiful peaceful thing.“


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