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Schlagwort: Macro

Wachsende Kristalle in makro und Zeitraffer

Neues Video von Another Perspective, in dem wachsende Kristalle in einer Perspektive gezeigt werden, die zumindest ich so noch nicht gesehen habe.

Extreme Macro Time Lapse Video of Crystallization of Vitamin C and Beta Analin (amino acid) shows incredible colours and structures. By changing the mixture and temperature new formations will appears every time. I took several hundreds of videos and each became a unique piece of art.

(Direktlink, via The Awesomer)

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Im Zeitraffer und makro. Und:

Ice is a beautiful element I love to work with in my video projects. I wanted to feature the ice melting aspect in timelapse process to illustrate the phenomen of global warming. Melting ice is beautiful and symbolize spring, but it can also symbolize problematic aspect of our climate.

(Direktlink, via Nag on the Lake)

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Augenzucker: metallische Farben in Wasser in makro und SloMo

Aufnahmen von denen es mittlerweile einige gibt und ich trotzdem nicht nicht werde, mir sie anzusehen. Ramon De Giuli hat glitzernde Farben in Wasser getropft und den physikalischen Tanz dann in makro und SlowMo aufgenommen. Schönes kann so einfach entstehen.

„TURBULENCE is an 8K HDR Experience video which was entirely shot in a fishtank with metallic paint and inks. All effects were created in camera. I used a custom micro dropping mechanism es well as 4 axis motion control to capture these images on the macro scale. I was experimenting with very thin needles to release tiny drops into the water. On this level of 5x life-size magnification, one can see the single pigment grains travelling through the water and reflecting the light. I observed many forms of turbulences and the illusion of anti-gravity in the fishtank when the feather light pigments changed direction and started to flow from bottom to top. It was a joy to see this and I hope you like it as much as I do.“

(Direktlink, via Maik)

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